Here at Giovani Homes we’re proud of our roots and continued commitment to delivering excellence to every client we work with. For more than three decades, we’ve been operating in the competitive property market across Cyprus, standing out among rivals thanks to our dedication to quality and a forward thinking approach that fosters innovation. Since 1986, we’ve been passionate about building and while the processes, technology, and projects have changed over that time, we’re just as committed to delivering a superior service as when we first started out.


Building for success in property development

The beginnings of Giovani Homes data back to 1986 when Christakis Giovanis founded the business. He embedded his two core philosophies throughout the firm, and they remain pillars of our operations today. The first was a strong focus on producing quality that competed with rivals based abroad, setting our completed projects far above those completed domestically. The second was to take a wider view of the industry to ensure the business remained at the forefront of the sector. It’s an approach that’s worked for us. Over three decades we’ve grown enormously. Christakis Giovanis successfully turned a construction company into the largest real estate development company in the southeast of Cyprus today, employing over 250 people. Our diverse portfolio has grown to include construction and refurbishment projects of luxury properties, where the highest level of care and standard of work is required. With a renewed focus on this rapidly growing area, we’ve completed hundreds of projects within the sector. In fact, research shows that we hold an impressive 14.4% market share, with our nearest competitors trailing significantly behind.


Continued focus on quality

Our dedication to quality has formed the bedrock of our success and it’s been a critical part of the business from the very beginning. With a vision to ensure that Giovani Homes was on par with similar companies abroad and offering higher standards than rivals in Cyprus, Christakis Giovanis set out to achieve accreditation.

We set precedence in 1996 when we were recognised for high standards by securing prestigious ISO certificates. We then became the first company on the island to obtain certificates across the following three areas:

  • ISO 9001 – Quality
  • ISO 14001 – Environment
  • OHSAS 18001 – Health and Safety

Our commitment to quality remains as we aim to become the biggest employer in the Famagusta District and continue securing innovation projects, from developing smart homes and constructing modern work environments to forging partnerships to expand our global reach.


If you’d like to speak the team at Giovani Homes to learn more, you can contact us today.


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