Ensuring the smooth running of all operations under the Giovani name, our group of companies all adhere to the high standard that have led to the exceptional reputation of or work.


Giovani Kataskevastiki

Giovani Kataskevastiki is core to our business operations. It’s this arm of the company that’s responsible for all construction aspects that we’ve built our name on. From the planning side of the development process through to adding the final touches, it’s this company this is responsible for our real estate development success.


Jimchanggiovani Holdings

As a group that looks to the future, we work in partnership with a variety of investors to boost cash injections in Cyprus. This dedicated branch works with influential Chinese investors to create profitable joint ventures, including a multi-million project within a new marina.


First Class Global Citizen

First Class Global Citizen provides high level, reliable information on immigration for individuals. Ranging from travel visas through to citizenship, this arm of the business helps those interested in immigration get to grips with the best choices and complete the process with ease.



Our extensive property expertise lend themselves perfectly to the villa rental market. We help various parties to get the most out of their holiday home to create consistent revenue and satisfied customers that are seeking to visit the beautiful island of Cyprus.



Rental properties require ongoing maintenance, and our MasterFix company deals entirely with this aspect of our business. Maintaining our high standards throughout, it ensures that each villa is perfectly presented and in working order for guests.