New discovery An Ancient Shipwreck off Protaras

Beautiful, magical Protaras never fails to surprise us. With so many wonderful new developments ongoing in the area, it’s easy to look towards the bright future of Protaras, but once in a while something happens that reminds us of the fascinating past of Cyprus and this is one such moment. An amazing shipwreck has been discovered off the coast of Protaras and it’s incredibly impressive.


History above and below

Protaras has a rich history that is there waiting to be explored by anyone who visits the area. From ancient churches to captivating ruins, there is so much of the past still unspoilt, to be enjoyed by people from the present who would love to take a glimpse into the past. Those ancients sites on land are easier to find than those under the ocean, and so new underwater discoveries are still being made, centuries later, with mysteries lying there waiting to be uncovered.


A truly special find

A truly special find

This new find is something rather amazing. It’s the first undisturbed shipwreck of Roman origin ever to be found in Cyprus. The wreck was found by two divers volunteering with an underwater archaeological research team, Andreas Kritiotis and Spyros Spyrou. The team forms part of the Maritime Archaeological Research Laboratory of the University of Cyprus.

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An insight into ancient transportation

The wreck is a Roman ship, filled with transport amphorae, vessels used to carry produce over the seas. It is believed the ship set sail from Syria and Cilicia, heading to Cyprus for trade purposes. Plans are in place to acquire the funds needed for a thorough investigation of the site in the very near future that will increase our knowledge of sea trading between Cyprus and other Roman provinces. A team is already present at the site to document the find and protect the site.


Another wonderful addition to the rich archaeological history of Cyprus

Cyprus is famed for its fascinating archaeological sites and this no doubt will make the island, and particularly Protaras even more appealing to those with an interest in history. Protaras is unique in the way the area perfectly blends it’s well preserved historical sites with modern day developments. It’s a town that looks to the future while respecting and appreciating its past.


A peak time for investment in Protaras

Now is the perfect time to invest in Protaras, a location that continues to grow and to thrive. The Giovani Group have several projects that are available for investment, offering a sound investment with good returns, in wonderful locations with all the benefits that Protaras has to offer. To find out more, get in touch or take a look at our website, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with Protaras too. It really is an incredibly special place like nowhere else on earth.

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