Cyprus – much have and are being said about this beautiful corner of the earth, where natural beauty, exceptional climatic conditions and a healthy lifestyle amalgamate and result in attracting people from all over the world, who wish to find a -much better- place to stay.

Let us elaborate.


  1. Amazing Landscape Makes You Want to Applaud

    amazing landscape makes you want to applaud

    Cyprus is a relatively big island, by Mediterranean standards, and thus encompasses several different landscapes. To be sure, its sublime coasts, with its golden sand and crystal-clear waters dominate the horizon. The best thing about them is their diversity: due to the variety of sand and rock in the seabed, its waters feature mesmerizing turquoises, emerald, blue and deep blue shades.

    Mountain lovers won’t be disappointed either. The Troodos mountains offer the alpine stroke necessary to make our winters unforgettable, with its dense forests and snow-covered peaks. True, Cyprus is a necklace of dreamy landscapes, all year round.  


  3. Never Far from The Sea

    While quite big as an island, Cyprus’ oblong shape allows its fortunate residents to minutes -or even seconds- away from the sea, regardless of where they dwell across the island.


  5. Best Climate

    best climate

    It has been already mentioned, yet Cyprus’ exceptional climatic conditions deserve a dedicated reference.

    Cyprus’ climate is ranked by experts among the healthiest in the world, with dry summers -spanning around five months, more or less -, mild winters (December to mid-February), short-lived autumns and warm springs.

    That is why most expats, especially from western and northern Europe and Russia, who have moved to the island and reside there permanently, say they have the weird feeling of having a never-ending summer vacation! 


  7. Magnificent Culture

    Cyprus, while boasting a rich and ancient Greek heritage and has risen to prominence throughout the Classical and Hellenistic age, it has also served as a melting pot for an array of cultures, as well as some of the greatest civilizations that ever emerged in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, including the Roman, the Byzantine and the Ottoman cultural heritage.

    Its turbulent yet prolific past and its key location in the crossroads among Asia, Europe and Africa, have bestowed the island with a truly magnificent culture.  


  9. Culinary Flavors of Mediterranean

    culinary flavors of mediterranean

    You have probably heard many times before nutritionists stating that the Mediterranean diet is among, or even the healthiest diet on earth. Yet, at least in this case, “healthy” does not mean tasteless. Featuring fresh produce and fishes, exquisite olive oil and some of the best wines in Europe, and blending cuisine techniques and secrets from both Europe and the Orient.


  11. Breathtaking Houses - Amazing Opportunities for Investment

    breathtaking haouses amazing opportunities for investment

    Last, Cyprus offers foreign real estate investors and buyers an array of breathtaking houses, that can either serve for personal use or as excellent investment opportunities.

    In fact, Giovanni Group has developed several real estate schemes during 2017, featuring impeccable construction standards and modern design, fully integrated to the natural landscape.


    To Sum it Up

    Cyprus is a perfect place to live on no matter your professional and personal plans and goals and does deserve your time and energy for closer consideration.

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