Whether you have already moved to Cyprus and gained EU citizenship, or you have taken serious steps towards that direction, such a development is a total life-changer – for the better of course!

Still, the whole package of changes in your life can infuse awkwardness and unreasonable stress into your mind and everyday life. There is no reason to fear the future. Being an EU citizen is the most sought-after privilege of our days, and making it all the more joyous and satisfying is largely up to you.

The key lies in making the most of your new home and surroundings and integrate them into your daily routine. Here are five ways to do it.

    5 steps to adjust faster in your new life in cyprus inner


  1. Master the Basics of the Local Language

    Quite obvious this first one, and you will surely need it, so why not start by devoting some time to your everyday schedule to learning at least the basics of the local language.

    If your plan to move to Cyprus, you should be thankful. Greek is the only language in the European Union that is spoken without cease for at least 4,000 years! Learning it will also be a fascinating journey through time and space!

    The “how” rests to you: personal or online tutoring, self-study courses or websites with handy aids are widely available, and rather cheap.

    Learning the basics of the language will not only facilitate your communication with the locals but will also feel you with confidence, alleviate anxiety and open the door to new experiences.


  3. Familiarize with the Local Culture

    familiarize with the local culture 

    Even if you already know a lot about your new home, trying to familiarise with the local tradition, legends, history and mentality is a wonderful idea. Insulting your new neighbours without knowing it is hardly the best way to start your new life – even if they are known as very friendly and hospitable people, like the Cypriots.

    Sources of information can be authoritative encyclopedias, websites (preferably local) as well as articles written by expats who live there for several years.


  5. Socialize and Make Friends

    This is very important, especially when your movement plans are done and behind you. You have to resist the temptation to spend time only with fellow expats since it will only make your adaptation a lot more difficult.

    So, try to socialise and make friends out of the locals and new neighbours from the very first week. Take the initiative and pay a small visit, introduce yourself and invite people over for a cup of tea, or accept such invitations. Do your shopping at local groceries and bakeries.

    Unquestionably, including expats to your social network is also important – just do not narrow it done just to them.


  7. Explore the Surrounding Area

    Download a detailed map of the area or buy a printed one, rent a car, buy a bicycle or use the local transportation network and get to know the area, explore its hidden treasures and revel in the natural beauties of the landscape. If Cyprus is indeed your new home, purchasing a bicycle is a “must.”


  9. Share your Experiences

    share your experiences 

    Make a record of this new chapter in your life and share it online. Some photos, videos and small, well-written descriptions will attract the heartening comments of friends, relatives and strangers who can help with their ideas or previous experiences. In due course, this effort will prove a priceless chest of sweet memories.

    True, things may seem a bit tricky at first, but you have gained a privilege in life which many people around the world covet, but few will ever have the chance to enjoy it. Bering an EU citizen, in one of the most beautiful places on earth is not a cause for worries, but for excitement and enthusiasm.

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