3000 new additional accomodation beds in ayia napa inner

More than 3,000 new beds are expected to be given this year in Ayia Napa and Protaras, in the face of the coming touristic season.

Within 2018, tourist infrastructure in the Famagusta area will be augmented by at least 3,000 new beds, two thousand of which in Ayia Napa and one thousand in Protaras. This rise is consistent with the extensions made by several hotels in the area, and the addition of rooms in existing facilities.

Ayia Napa and Protaras have started from the previous year and continued intensively in 2017 and the first months 2018, including the construction of new hotels and the renovation and enlargement of existing ones, with a purpose of offering visitors, locals and foreigners alike, the best possible accommodation.

However, there are hotels and touristic premises that might not be ready by the end of 2018 and will open to the public within the coming year.

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In Ayia Napa, six new hotels are under construction, while in Protaras there are four. In addition, some hotels that are graded as 4- or 5-star, are fully or partially renovated in order to get the 6-star rating, and the same applies to some.

It is still quite soon to state an approximate number of tourists visiting the free zone of Famagusta for their summer vacation, especially after considering that the Russian market, one of the greatest in Cyprus, has not revealed its dynamics yet. Nevertheless, based on current data, 2018 will probably prove by far better in numbers of tourist arrivals compared to 2017.

2018 will probably prove by far better numbers of tourist

Tourist authorities have also strived to tackle and resolve issues and grievances made by some visitors during their summer vacation, both locals and foreigners, regarding some four-wheeled vehicles and battery-using bicycles that produce annoying sounds, but there aren’t much they can do without the collaboration of the owners of such vehicles, and the activation of the Police, and the Municipal Authorities. Indeed, certain initiatives have been taken and other measures and considered to minimise the problem.

Generally speaking, and compared to other popular summer vacation destinations in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus and the region of Famagusta in particular face far fewer issues and boast an excellent reputation, both for its accommodation infrastructure and the quality of its touristic product.


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