If you’ve been thinking about taking second citizenship in an EU country, then it’s well worth making the move. Being a citizen of the EU brings with it a wide range of benefits. Some of which you may not even know about. Here are just 5 of the great benefits of EU citizenship that might just give you the push you need to get the ball rolling with your own second citizenship application.


1. Benefits for travelling within the EU 

benefits for travelling within the EU

As an EU citizen, you’ll immediately find travelling much easier, and cheaper too. If you travel regularly for business or for pleasure, this is one benefit that you’ll certainly appreciate. You won’t need a visa to travel anywhere within the EU and you’ll also be able to take advantage of benefits that are currently enjoyed by all EU citizens such as compensation for delayed flights and the provision of food, drink and accommodation in such circumstances.


2. Benefits for your education

 If you’d like to further your education, then having an EU citizenship could allow you to attend a university within the EU for no fee, or low fees. Additionally, any qualification of higher education gained within an EU member country will be recognised and be valid in all other EU countries.


3. Some great benefits for health

some great benefits for health

As an EU citizen, you’ll automatically have the right to medical treatment in any EU country. Apply for a free European Health Insurance Card and carry it with you when you travel. This entitles all EU citizens to the same healthcare as insured local people in that country.

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4. Save your hard earned money with tax benefits

Acquire second citizenship somewhere with very low corporate taxes such as Cyprus and you could end up saving a huge amount of money on your business tax bill. Additionally, if a business is registered in two countries, Cyprus has an agreement with several other countries, that these businesses will not be taxed twice over.


5. Benefits within your employment

benefits within your employment

Being an EU citizen brings you access to social security schemes that will give you the peace of mind that you will be able claim benefits should you be unable to work for some reason such as illness, a disability or being unable to find employment for an extended period of time. Additionally, you could be entitled to minimum wage for your profession and if you are unlawfully dismissed, you will be able to put in a claim for compensation.


Start the process now and begin your move to second citizenship

Applying for second citizenship can seem like a long and laborious process. If it’s not vital to your personal or business life, getting around to putting in for second citizenship can often be put on the back burner and left for another time. However, as you’ve now seen, there are many benefits that come with having dual citizenship and being a citizen of the EU is very valuable. Speak to an expert in second citizenship to discover the best way to move forward towards being a citizen of the EU.

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