why cyprus is the ideal family destination to live inner

Cyprus is a wonderful place to move to with your family. Of course, it is the weather that is often the biggest draw for anyone moving overseas. We get so fed up of being cold, the thought of long hot summers, and time spent outdoors with our family is what usually sets us thinking about moving abroad. But there are many other benefits of moving to Cyprus too…


It’s very safe

If there’s one thing that will be at the top of your list when moving abroad with your family, it will be safety. No amount of sunshine or the lure of low property prices can compensate for a lack of safety, especially when you have children to consider. When you move to Cyprus you can rest assured you’re in one of the safest places in the world, with a very low crime rate. This peace of mind is one of the main reasons many people choose to live in Cyprus.


It’s life as you want it

In Cyprus, you can live how you want to live. If you like to relax and take it easy, Cyprus certainly is the place to do that! Life flows by slowly in Cyprus. The people don’t tend to rush about manically as they do in other places. But, if you do like a high octane lifestyle then you’ve also got plenty of opportunities right on your doorstep. You can party until dawn, you can take part in extreme sports, and it’s all made even more pleasant thanks to that famous Cyprus sunshine!


Every day is a holiday

For most people, a beach holiday involves months of planning, packing, long flights and not to mention a lot of money! For those lucky enough to live in Cyprus, every single day feels like a holiday. Many properties in Cyprus have easy access to some of the best beaches in Europe. Ever felt like you didn’t want your summer holiday to end? Now that dream can come true.

every day is a holiday

It’s so easy to fit in

Moving abroad can be daunting, It’s a different culture, there are language barriers to worry about. This is just not the case with Cyprus though. For one thing, just about everyone speaks English, so you’ll have no problems being understood and you’ll soon make friends. There is also a large and very friendly ex-pat community in Cyprus so you’ll always have someone to ask if you have any questions about the way of life in Cyprus.


It can be financially beneficial too

Many people believe that it is expensive to move abroad, but in actual fact, you could be better off if you move to Cyprus! The cost of living is low, so you’ll be spending less on the essentials, and there’s also a high tax threshold and low levels of taxation so you won’t be handing as much of your hard earned cash over to the tax man as you do now.


And of course….Halloumi Cheese

and of course halloumi cheese

While there are many reasons why moving to Cyprus is a great idea, of course, who wouldn’t want to move to the home of halloumi! Once you’ve tried real Cypriot halloumi, you’ll certainly want to move to Cyprus just so you can have grilled halloumi every day for lunch!


Sounds good? Look into it further…

If the idea of moving with your family to Cyprus sound interesting to you and you’d like to know more, then check out the new Giovani property developments near Protaras and Ayia Napa. Your dream lifestyle abroad in the home of your dreams could be nearer than you think!