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Our Fast-Changing World Borders between Countries are Adapting and that is Affecting the Free movement of People

If the UK’s exit from the European Union proceeds as expected, millions of former EU citizens may lose the right to travel, work, and reside in many of the countries within Europe. For those who already hold dual passports or have nationality in a country that is a member state this will not present any issues. For this reason, it is fast becoming a matter of some urgency to use whatever means prove necessary to obtain a second nationality.

Few observers are likely to argue that the world we are living in is a fast changing place and borders no longer remain stable or fixed. From economic circumstances to cultural differences, there are a number of reasons why individuals and families may wish to move freely across such borders. Responsible and caring individuals with a concern for their dependents are bound to want what is best for those who depend on them and this may involve relocating to a country other than their place of birth.


Issues of personal safety

Our world and our societies are in a constant state of flux and that can mean that our views, our beliefs, and sometimes even our ethnicity can be called into question by those who rule the countries that we reside in. Due to these and other circumstances that are often beyond an individual’s control, the countries that we are residing in may, ultimately become dangerous places for us to live. It is in such circumstances that a second passport, more specifically one that entitles individuals to move freely within the European Union becomes a most valuable asset.


Planning ahead

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Responsible minded individuals will realise that it is much better to be prepared in advance than to be placed in a situation where they need to react to circumstances that change around them. For this reason alone it is prudent to start working towards acquiring a second passport now rather than waiting until an issue occurs and an individual or family unit is placed under pressure. There are various means and methods that can be applied in gaining a second nationality and the passport that accompanies that process; these methods can sometimes take a significant amount of time as many countries require permanent residency for a minimum period. There are however alternative methods to significantly speed up this process including making a reasonable investment into a business or property within the country you wish to gain a second passport for. 

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Trusting in the experts

The best place to begin the process of acquiring a second nationality is to make contact with the experts in the field who will be able to provide professional advice concerning such an application. Such professionals appreciate that every application and required time frame is unique to the individual concerned and they are able to draw upon their wealth of experience and expertise. In doing so, they will be able to ensure that any application follows the smoothest path and consequently reaches an expedient and satisfactory conclusion.

Working with such professionals is also the most effective way to ensure that no unnecessary expense is incurred that may be both irrelevant and obstructive to your application.