Ever thought about making a move to the Mediterranean? The idea of spending your days in Cyprus in the sunshine, making the most of the many blue flag beaches may seem like a dream, but plenty of people do make that dream a reality, and there are many reasons why your life would be better if you made the move. Read on to discover four reasons why living in Cyprus guarantees you a better life…


There are some great incentives to buy a home in Cyprus

Due to a surplus of homes in Cyprus, there are some great government incentives you can take advantage of. Prices are also lower than in many other countries. They are starting to rise again after the 2008 financial crisis that saw prices drop dramatically, but there is still plenty of time to snap up a great bargain. You certainly get a lot for your money in Cyprus. There are also some very good finance deals available.

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Lots of sunshine and warmth

lots of sunshine and warmth

Being close to the equator, you’ll get a massive 340 days of bright sunshine every year. Summer lasts for 7 months, and even outside of the summer season, it’s still not going to be as cold as you’re used to back home! In many countries, while it may be hot, the clouds can really spoil what would be a wonderful day. In Cyprus, you rarely see a single cloud in the sky from June right through to the end of September.


It’s an incredibly safe place to be

These days safety is a concern that’s on our minds often. If you’re raising children, of course you want them to be safe, to be able to play outside without worry. Several popular holiday destinations have become less safe over recent years, yet Cyprus remains a very safe and secure island to visit, with one of the lowest crime rates in the whole of Europe.

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A high level of healthcare

Standards of healthcare in Cyprus are very high and nearly all medical practitioners speak very good English so you’ll always understand what you’re being told about your condition or treatment. The island also has a good record for a low level of infectious diseases and epidemics. There are no vaccinations required when visiting Cyprus.


A calmer pace of life

In Cyprus, you’ll enjoy a higher standard of living, and a more relaxed pace of life. If you’re sick of always feeling rushed and stressed, Cyprus will be the antidote you’re looking for. People simply don’t rush in Cyprus, and you’ll soon learn to go with the flow. Take a long lunch, an afternoon off to unwind on the beach, an evening spent watching the sunset from your balcony. Around 90% of the locals speak English, so it’s easy to make friends. You’ll find your state of mind improves, your life gets better and you just feel calm and happy in Cyprus.


So many benefits, so find your perfect new home in Cyprus

so many benefits so find your perfect new home in cyprus

It just doesn’t get better than Cyprus, it has so much to offer, plenty of sunshine, crystal clear blue sea, blue flag beaches, a lively bar, cafe and restaurant scene. If you feel that you’d like to explore the possibility of a new life in the sun, then do check out the properties offered by the Giovani Group. Imagine yourself in a luxury villa, relaxing by your private pool. It may not be just a dream, you could make it a reality. Find out more here...