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There are no words strong enough to define and describe beauty – only vision and mind can grasp this quality to the full. Hence, to really get to grips with the charms of Cyprus majestic coastline is feasible only by marveling it up-close, diving in its crystal-clear, azure waters, lying down on the golden sand and having the sun warm embrace wrapped-up around your body.

In other words, visit the place!

The unadulterated beauty of its vast shoreline and beaches is a magnet to hundreds of thousands of tourists every summer, and the island exerts itself in not letting them down! According to the updated Blue Flag Beaches list published a few days ago, Cyprus boasts no less than 64 different beaches that were awarded the famous Blue flag designation.


A Few Words about the Blue Flag Award

The Blue Flag is actually a certification issued by the not-for-profit and non-governmental Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), verifying that a beach, marina or sustainable boating tourism operator meets certain standards, which are considered rather stringent and are constantly updated and reconsidered.

These standards involve prime water quality, safety, environmental education, and information, as well as the provision of services and amenities to the bathers. Due to its austere criteria, the Blue Flag designation is trusted by millions of tourists around the world that see some reassurance that their summer vacation destination won’t disappoint them or put them in any danger.

Taking the above into account, it is scarcely a surprise that Cyprus had no less than 64 different beaches awarded with the Blue Flag, in 19 Municipalities and towns across the island. Indeed, Cyprus has for many decades gained the reputation of a prime summertime destination, especially regarding the cleanliness of its waters and quality of its amenities.

One area, though, stands out for the staggering number of its beached awarded with the Blue Flag certification; you may well have heard of it before – it is Ayia Napa.

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Ayia Napa Comes First in Blue Flag Awarded Beaches with 14 Beaches!

ayia napa comes first in blue flag awarded beaches 

Ayia Napa, famed for its natural beauty and vibrant life, came easily first in the number of beaches certified as having the Blue Flag status. These beaches are:

  1. Konnos beach;
  2. Limnara beach;
  3. the Ammos tou Kampouri;
  4. the Glyki Nero;
  5. Pantachou beach;
  6. the Loukkos toy Manti beach;
  7. the Katsarka beach;
  8. Pernera beach;
  9. the Vathia Gionia;
  10. the Nissi beach;
  11. NissiBay;
  12. Landa beach
  13. Macronesos, and, of course,
  14. the famous Αγία Θέκλα shore


Still, Cyprus is far from merely a great place to spend a couple of weeks during the summer. Its amazing Mediterranean climate, fantastic life tempo, cosmopolitan ambiance, excellent economy and several other factors make Cyprus a wonderful place to spend your life and raise a family, not to mention to expand your business.

Hence, the only thing that is better than having your vacation in Cyprus is moving there permanently.

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