Do you ever dream of moving to somewhere with sunshine and a more relaxed pace of life? You’re not alone, especially when the summer draws to an end and you just wish it would stay a little longer. These dreams, and even more you haven’t yet realised you have, can come true with a move to Cyprus. It truly is a paradise. Here are 5+1 great reasons to make your Mediterranean dreams come true in this wonderful island that has so much to offer.


1. Castles


There’s something about living in Cyprus that makes you feel like royalty, so what better way to spend your time than exploring the many and varied castles on the island? Include a visit to a castle in a walk, and you’ll be guaranteed some stunning views and a truly interesting day out. You’ll find castles in the mountains, castles on the seafront, and all are unique.


2. History

Cyprus has such a diverse culture, for a small island, a lot has certainly gone on here over the centuries! Cyprus is so steeped in history, the more you look for it, the more you’ll find. While the wars of the past that were fought on this soil are thankfully long gone, the legacy left behind is still here to be discovered if you just go looking for it.

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3. Beaches


Of course, while all that history is very interesting, sometimes you just want to kick back and relax! Cyprus has so many glorious beaches, wherever you are on the island, there’s always a beach nearby. With the great weather enjoyed in Cyprus, you’re bound to spend quite a lot of time on the beach, enjoying the panoramic views, partaking in water sports, or just doing nothing and enjoying the sunshine!


4. Food 

The Mediterranean diet is famous all over the world, and it’s not surprising when you discover all the edible delights on offer in Cyprus! What’s more, studies show that eating a Mediterranean style diet is incredibly good for, helping to keep you healthy and live a longer, fuller life. Local delicacies abound, such as falafel, tzatziki, pita and the local halloumi cheese that has to be tasted to be believed.

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5. People

You’ll find a very warm welcome when you move to Cyprus. The people are so friendly, helpful and exude a natural warmth that you might not be familiar with in your home town. Perhaps it is the great weather in Cyprus that gives Cypriots such a sunny disposition?


6. Villages


Taking time to visit all the small village in Cyprus is somewhat of an adventure! Each village is unique, and all have something amazing to offer. Whether it’s local crafts, historic churches, or a trip to sample a glass of locally produced wine, you’ll always have an interesting time in any of the Cyprus villages.


Thinking of making your dreams come true?

With so much to do, fantastic weather, great people and the best food you’ll ever taste, it’s hard to think of many reasons why you wouldn’t want to make that life change and live the dream in Cyprus. If you’re thinking of making your dreams come true, then check out our website for more information on actually making those dreams your reality.