Are you prepared for whiteout this winter? When the snow falls in a white blanket and it continues to fall in blizzards, when you’re safe inside it can look like a winter wonderland, but once you’re out in it, it becomes a huge and dangerous hazard. When you’re out in the car, it can be almost impossible to tell where the sky ends and the road begins. You’re guessing where the road goes and the light reflects off the snow, dazzling you. The weather often gets this bad in winter and when it does, all unnecessary journeys should be cancelled. If you do have to go out in the car during a whiteout, be sure to drive slowly, keep a good distance between you and the car in front, and put your lights on to make your vehicle more visible to other drivers.


Experience a totally different type of whiteout

experience a totally different type of whiteout

Life can get pretty depressing during a winter whiteout. It can seem as if it’s lasting forever, you’re cold and you feel almost trapped in your home. But there’s a different kind of whiteout that could certainly lift your spirits and revitalise your mind and that’s the whiteout you’ll experience when you say goodbye and good riddance to the sleet and snow and instead book a trip to Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

Here you’ll find a whiteout that’s way more pleasant and certainly much warmer. The only whiteout you have to worry about here, is the dazzle from the pure white sands that cover the beach. The only thing you may need to protect is your eyes when the sun is shining brightly and beaming down on you, reflecting off the beautiful white sand. But that’s easily solved with a good pair of sunglasses!

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Why is Nissi Beach so perfect for your winter escape?

Nissi Beach is perfect for everyone. The beach stretches for 500 metres so you can take a wonderful stroll along the waterline. The clean and clear waters are gently sloping making it really safe for youngsters or for anyone who doesn’t swim. The beach is easily accessible on foot and there’s a car park too, so if you’re taking a picnic and other beach gear, you won’t have far to carry it.

The facilities at Nissi Beach are second to none. There are changing rooms and toilets nearby, sunbeds and umbrellas to relax in comfort, so many great bars and restaurants when you want refreshments and a whole host of great water sports and beach activities going on.


Escape winter with a trip to paradise

escape winter with a trip to paradise

Sounds good doesn’t it? It’s even more magical in real life. So why not take a break from the long winter months and escape to Nissi Beach for a break. Soak up the sunshine, shed those extra layers of clothes and take time out to just relax and let the views transport your mind to calmer place. You’ll find a wide range of hotels, apartments and villas within easy reach of Nissi Beach and all the amenities you could ever need. Paradise is closer than you think, so if you’d like to swap your winter whiteout for a Nissi Beach style whiteout, visit our website to discover more.