You may already know a lot about Ayia Napa, you know the main sights to see, you know the weather is fabulous and the beaches are amazing, but Ayia Napa is always ready to surprise you, and here are some facts about this amazing town that you may not know already. There’s eternally something new to discover in Ayia Napa!


1. The secret behind the name ‘Ayia Napa’

Have you ever wondered how Ayia Napa got its name? Well there’s an interesting story behind the supposed origins of the name. The story goes, that a hunter was walking his dog and his dog found a hidden cave. Inside the cave was an ancient stone tablet. When the hunter picked up the tablet, he read the words ‘A Panagia’ carved into the stone, which means ‘Mother of God’. However, the carving also left an imprint on the sand where it had lain, and that read the reverse, ‘aiganap A’ and it is these words that eventually turned into Ayia Napa! We don’t know whether this is true, but it’s an interesting tale nonetheless!


2. Cape Greco Forest Park actually has hardly any trees

cape greco forest park actually has hardly any trees

Yes it’s called a ‘forest park’ but you won’t find a forest here! Most of the trees in this area were felled between 1910 and 1920 to power the Paralimni steam flour mills, however, that doesn’t mean this park isn’t worth a visit, its’ a stunning area with some fantastic hiking and cycling trails.


3. Ayia Napa has the ultimate lifeguard system

Unless you get into trouble in the sea, you probably won’t even notice the state of the art lifeguard system in play in Ayia Napa, but it’s reassuring to know that the beaches in this area have one of the best lifeguard systems in the world. Almost every beach has several life guards on duty, and there are drones available to search for anyone in need. Despite more than half a million tourists visiting the beaches of Ayia Napa, there are rarely any serious incidents, all thanks to this high-tech safety system.


4. There’s a fascinating sculpture and cactus park

there is a fascinatin sculpture and cactus park

Just to the east of Ayia Napa is a hidden secret, an amazing park filled with interesting sculptures and stunning cactuses. It’s the perfect place to get some fabulous holiday photographs. There’s even a huge picture frame sculpture for a fun family photo shoot. This park also offers beautiful views of the ocean.


5. Discover more blue flag beaches off the beaten track

The main tourist beaches of Ayia Napa are gorgeous, there’s no doubt about it, but if you take time out to venture a little further afield, you’ll come across some beaches that are less well known, but no less beautiful. These hidden gems are well worth seeking out if you’re looking for a tranquil setting with amazing views.

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Always something new to explore in Ayia Napa

always something new to explore in ayia napa

It doesn’t seem to matter how much time you spend in Ayia Napa, or how many times you visit, you’ll always discover something new and exciting on each trip. Ayia Napa likes to give up its secrets little by little, always intriguing you with something extraordinary. It’s the perfect place to spend your time, and if you’d like to spend more of your time here, why not take a look at the amazing Giovani projects in the area. An Ayia Napa home could give you that extra time to unlock even more secrets of this truly special area. Click here to find out more…