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Christmas is coming up fast, so what are your plans? Are you going to do the same thing you do every year? Suffer the freezing cold and fight the hoards of Christmas shoppers for the last box of chocolates in the shop? All that effort you put in for just one day, slaving over a hot stove to create the perfect Christmas dinner. Why is Christmas dinner so complicated with all its trimmings? Wouldn’t it be great if the weather was warmer and you could just have a barbecue instead? Well there is another option, you can make this dream come true, and make it come true in pure style, with a property from one of the exclusive Giovani projects near Protaras and Ayia Napa. Here are just some of the amazing reasons why choosing Giovani not just for summer, but also for Christmas could be the best decision you ever make…


No more feeling cold at Christmas

Cold weather does nothing for our state of mind. By the time Christmas comes around, we’re all sick of the chilly weather, and you just know it’s not going to be anywhere near warm for months to come yet. However, take yourself off to a luxurious Giovani villa for the festivities, and you can forget those woolly jumpers, you won’t need your snow boots, and you can throw away that thermal vest. It’s swimsuits and flip flops all the way. Just don’t forget to pack the sun cream! The winter weather back home will be a distant memory when you’re luxuriating around your own private pool.


Ditch the Festive Stress

There’s so much pressure over Christmas time to make everything perfect. For many of us it’s actually a very stressful time of year. When you spend Christmas at one of the stunning luxury Giovani properties, everything is perfect before you even arrive. The ideal setting for the best Christmas ever. With the sun shining, you can have a stress-free Christmas barbecue and with a villa large enough to accommodate your extended family with ease, you can still have a fabulous family time, just one that’s stress free!


Relax, unwind, recharge

relax unwind recharge

New year can often be a busy time, so taking time out to take it easy over Christmas can be so beneficial. You’ll arrive into the new year refreshed and revitalised, ready to face the coming year head on. While everyone else is running around madly preparing for Christmas, you can be snoozing on a sun lounger by the pool, sipping cocktails on your roof terrace or reading a good book on the beach.


Doing something different is such fun!

We can all get stuck in a rut with Christmas, there seems to be a set of rules that we must all follow. You must have a turkey dinner, you must decorate a tree in your home. But no one says you have to do this, and taking a leap out of tradition and creating your own rules can be a whole lot of fun. Do you remember many specific Christmases? Probably not, they’re all so similar those memories just blend into one. Spend your Christmas in the sunshine in your own luxury villa though, and you’ll be creating some truly amazing and unique memories that will never be forgotten!


You can have the Christmas you want

you can have the christmas you want

Just because you’re in a luxury holiday location doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all those aspects of Christmas you love. You can still have a traditional Christmas dinner, you can decorate your villa and put up a Christmas tree. A Christmas in your Giovani property is still Christmas, just a whole lot better! You can have Christmas your way.


Want to escape to the Cyprus sunshine every Christmas?

There’s nothing that makes you feel more at home when you’re overseas, then actually being in your own home. Owning a villa in one of the exclusive Giovani developments means you can spend every Christmas in your home from home. To find out more information about Giovani projects check here and make your Christmas dreams come true.