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If you’ve ever thought about moving abroad, Cyprus is certainly a destination well worth considering. There are so many benefits to living in Cyprus


Amazing weather

Perhaps the biggest draw of the island is of course the climate. If you’re sick of the cold in your own country, Cyprus could be just what you’re looking for, with year round sunshine and temperatures that are pleasant pretty much all the time. You’ll only feel a slight chill in January and February, and even that won’t be like the bitter cold you’re used to back home! The weather impacts everything we do, so when you have good weather all year round, you can do so much more and you don’t have to worry about bad weather spoiling your plans.


Beautiful views

The scenery in Cyprus is simply breathtaking. The Giovani Group focus on great views from all the properties they develop and ensure that you’ll have the perfect spot, be it from your roof terrace, or your private pool, to take in the view whenever you like. If you’ve never seen a Cyprus sunset before, then you’re in for a massive treat. It’s one of the most beautiful and romantic sights you’ll ever see.


Great food and drink

Being close to both Greece and the Middle East, influences from both sides have found their way into the fantastic cuisine of Cyprus. The local food is delicious, but also naturally healthy and the cost of dining out is very reasonable too. The local wines are also very good. You can even take a trip to a local vineyard, see the grapes growing and learn about the process of wine making. There’s something truly special about taking a bottle home, to enjoy while watching the sun go down over the ocean.


So many fantastic beaches

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Cyprus is famous for the golden sand beaches and the crystal clear blue waters. When you live in Cyprus, you can explore all the beaches and find your favourites. From a tranquil, secluded cove, off the beaten track, to a lively party beach with music and water sports, you’ll find it all close by.


Friendly locals

You’re guaranteed a warm welcome in Cyprus, with close-knit communities where you’ll soon make new friends. English is widely spoken in Cyprus, so it’s easy to get straight into Cypriot life without having to learn a new language straight away. Life in Cyprus is more laid back than you might be used to, add in all that sunshine, and it’s no wonder everyone is happier and more friendly than in colder countries!


A wonderful cafe culture

You’ll find plenty of lovely cafes all over Cyprus, as well as bars and restaurants. It’s lovely to take a stroll along the sea front, then pick out a cafe to relax, enjoy a coffee and simply soak up the atmosphere.


Making a move towards your new life in Cyprus

All this and more is waiting to be discovered when you make that change and choose to live in the paradise that is Cyprus. There are some great incentives for investors in property in Cyprus through the Cyprus investment programme. To talk with an expert about the programme, and the investment opportunities available through the first class Giovani Group projects, please get in touch.

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