Over the last decade, investment within Cyprus has tripled. International investors are finding Cyprus increasingly attractive and are keen to make the most of the benefits investing here offers.


Why Cyprus is the perfect location for foreign investment

The location of Cyprus has always played a big part in its success, easily accessible and set in a unique situation that gives easy access to many worldwide markets, it’s a perfect spot for a business hub. The island is a member of both the eurozone and the European Market and the economy has a good track record for resilience which of course is highly attractive to investors. The banking systems are also world class, regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus and the Single Supervisory Mechanism of the EU.

Cyprus also has a good infrastructure. The regulatory and legal framework is solid and well respected. For those looking to employ people within the island, they’ll find a highly educated and talented workforce here.

There are some very attractive tax benefits for investors, and one of the biggest draws is that it’s a wonderful island to relocate to. It’s a very safe place to raise a family, with some of the lowest crime rates in the whole of Europe, and of course you’ve got the perfect opportunities for spending your leisure time in the most enjoyable manner. Down time is important in business and in Cyprus, you’ll find stress levels plummet.


Recent laws boost investment further

Over the last few years, several laws have been passed regarding investment funds, that have put the regulatory and legal framework of investment funds on a par with the prestigious and world renowned systems of places such as Ireland and Luxembourg in accordance with the world’s best practices. Cyprus really does offer everything that international investors need to start and manage an investment scheme and this is an industry that is constantly improving and looking to the future with the mini manager concept soon to be implemented.


Local banks are set up to play their part well

On a day to day basis, local banks play an important role when it comes to the smooth running of any investment. With a huge growth of investments, the banks and their staff are constantly keeping up with their service offerings to ensure it delivers exactly what investors need.


Property investment made easy

Another factor that is bringing more international investors to Cyprus is the ease with which foreign nationals can gain Cyprus citizenship. Cyprus of course is a desirable place to live. Investors are purchasing holiday homes and properties that yield a rental income, with an eye to making Cyprus a permanent home, perhaps when they retire, but often sooner. You can secure citizenship in Cyprus in as little as 3 months. In other countries this could literally take up to 8 years! There’s another advantage too. You can gain this citizenship as an investor, without even residing on the island nor does the law require you to become a tax resident. Real estate is booming in Cyprus and it’s no wonder why.


Looking for your next investment opportunity?

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