If you’re currently looking into overseas investment within Europe, Cyprus offers a wealth of opportunities and with the EU Investment scheme it’s never been easier.


An ideal base for a business

There are many benefits of living and investing in Cyprus, not least of which is its perfect location. Geographically this beautiful island sits on a crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa. This makes both personal transportation simple, and also gives businesses easy access to a wide market with ease of shipping. Perfect for growing any business. With a brilliant infrastructure, a talented and highly trained workforce available and some great tax benefits, you’ll find Cyprus has a lot to offer businesses of all sizes.

Cyprus offers you the European lifestyle you deserve inner

A great place to live

For many people investing in Cyprus means relocating to the island and while moving overseas can seem daunting, when it comes to Cyprus you’re making a wonderful choice for you and your family. The education and healthcare systems are world class. The crime rates are among the lowest in Europe and of course you get to enjoy the beauty of Cyprus and the year round sunshine.


The EU Investment Scheme

Invest in a Giovani Group project and you can take advantage of all the benefits offered by the EU Investment Scheme. It’s a great incentive with benefits including Cyprus citizenship for you and your spouse, children and dependant adults. You’ll have access to all EU Member states for free movement of services, goods and capital. You’ll have no obligation to reside in Cyprus, so you can simply invest in a holiday home and still take advantage of this scheme. and you’ll have access to all the tax benefits offered. With Cyprus citizenship you’ll benefit from visa free travel within the EU and also to more than 159 non EU countries. A major boon to anyone who travels frequently.

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No doubt you’ll want to know more, so do visit our website and see all of our current projects available for investment. Our long-standing reputation for the highest quality gives you peace of mind that your investment is a wise one and we’re always here to help you with the process of applying for the EU Investment Scheme. We will guide you through the process and you’ll be surprised how fast and stress free it actually is. We have a wide range of projects, so whether you’re looking for a permanent home by the sea for your extended family with lots of space and a private pool, or a smaller apartment with breath-taking panoramic ocean views from your balcony, we can help you find the property you’ve always dreamed of and help you to make the right investment choices.

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