Ayia Napa is the island’s most pristine area featuring some of the island’s best beaches. Over the years, it has developed into a clubbing mecca attracting partygoers from northern Europe. However, mayor Yiannis Karousos is determined to change the current state and upgrade the town into a cosmopolitan destination that will offer high-quality entertainment and living. In fact, he said that he plans to transform Ayia Napa into the “best and most cosmopolitan resort in the Mediterranean.”


To this end, a series of revamping works valued at over €55m has recently been approved. This grant has been authorized in lieu of the area's immense contribution to GDP. More specifically, it is estimated that the brand of Ayia Napa contributes over 800m to the island’s economy.

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Planned Projects

Open-air amphitheater

The open-air amphitheater, which is planned to be built next to Ayia Napa Sports Centre, will be the largest one in Cyprus after completion and will include among other cultural venues, showrooms, cafeteria, etc. Mayor Yiannis Karousos said that the creation of such infrastructure will enable the Municipality to attract high-quality events. The amphitheater is expected to cost around €3.6m.


Revamping of the center and north of Ayia Napa

The revamping of the area will add to Ayia Napa’s appeal, attracting even more tourists and local visitors. The new center will feature pretty cobblestone streets and charming squares with shops, restaurants, and cafes. It will also be more friendly towards pedestrians, making it the ideal place for an evening stroll. New and improved infrastructure will improve sustainable mobility and quality of life. The revamping costs are estimated at around €7m.


Projects already underway

The underwater museum

The project, which has already begun construction in the technical reef area, will be as impressive as its name suggests. The first of its kind in Cyprus, it will attract thousands of tourists, generating further income in the area.


Ayia Napa Monastery

The upgrade of the monastery will diversify the touristic product of the area, attracting a different kind of tourists who are interested not only in the area’s natural beauty but also in the history, tradition and customs of Cyprus, as the monastery will also feature a museum with important exhibits, such as the personal belonging of Archbishop Makarios III.

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Ayia Napa seafront

The revamping works in the seafront will be completed in two phases and will take place in the West and East parts. The mayor, Yiannis Karousos, says that the project will have been completed by 2022, and it is set to significantly improve the image of the seafront.

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Ayia Napa Marina

Although not part of the €55m grant, the Ayia Napa Marina is such an emblematic and important project that cannot be left out. According to Egyptian billionaire Naguib Sawiris, the main investor behind the project, construction is well underway, despite delays caused by archaeological studies which were carried out in the area. The marina will soon open to yachts, while estimated completion for the whole project is scheduled for 2021.


The town of Ayia Napa is continuously changing for the better, creating ideal living conditions for its residents and visitors. The mayor and the municipality council will make sure their vision is realized, making Ayia Napa the perfect place to live in Cyprus.

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