the natural bridge at cape greco inner

Known as the ‘Grand Canyon’ of Cyprus, there is something truly magical and romantic about the natural bridge of Camara at Cape Greco. Its’ beauty is world renowned and both locals and tourists flock to visit this amazing site every year. A glimpse of this wonder will take your breath away, but take the time to think about how it was made, worn away by the ocean over thousands of years, and it’s quite hard to take in the magnitude of it all. Nature certainly has some amazing creations, and the Cape Greco bridge is definitely one of them.

It’s the perfect romantic setting for lovers, and many couples do visit the site, perhaps to exchange their own private vows, or simply to be together in the most beautiful of settings. Painters and photographers too find themselves drawn to the bridge. A symbol of the solidity and beauty of true love.

A visit to see this bridge should be top of your list whenever you visit Cyprus. It’s an image that will be imprinted on your mind. Take your loved one to spend time here, and you’ll make some special memories that will last a lifetime. Many people find themselves drawn back to the bridge over and over again, as if it’s calling to them.

For some lucky people, the Cape Greco natural bridge is close to their home and they can visit it regularly, to take in the gorgeous sea views, watch the famous Cyprus sunset and spend quality time with their beloved.

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owning a villa in south east cyprus

There’s always something new to discover on this magical island. No matter how long you stay, there’s always a surprise to be found, something new and beautiful that you’ll come across when you’re out exploring. A relaxed pace of life in a wonderful climate, a release from the stresses of the city and an escape from the cold of winter at home. Cyprus is a safe haven with a very low crime rate, wonderful local food, and nearly everyone speaks English, so you’ll quickly feel right at home.  It’s the perfect place to raise a family, and of course you’ll always want to keep going back to the Cape Greco bridge, a place to reflect and be thankful for everything that’s important to you.

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