inner buying a brand new home

When you’re looking to move home there are many decisions to be made. Which area do you want to live in? How many bedrooms would you like? But you also need to decide whether you want to live in an older resale home, or buy a brand new property. There are many advantages to buying a new build home, read on to discover some of them…


Developed for a modern world

Older homes were not built with our modern world in mind. Newly built properties however, are built with today as the focus. So in a new build you’ll find more space for vehicles. In the past, most households only had one car, nowadays many families have two or more vehicles. We just have more stuff these days, and you’ll find this reflected in a new property with large closets and plenty of storage space. You’ll also find that modern technology is taken into account with features such as built in usb charging points and integrated Internet networking.


You won’t need to change anything

When you buy an old home, it’s likely there will be several things you will want to change or need to change. The kitchen and bathroom could be very outdated and these are costly to replace. The décor may not be to your taste and so that will have to be redone, with all the upheaval that comes with it. You may find your new home needs new wiring or plumbing to ensure it’s safe and reliable. An older home can have a lot of hidden problems that you don’t discover until after you’ve moved in.


A new build offers peace of mind with a warranty

It’s not likely that your new built home will have any problems as literally everything is brand new, but when you buy new, you have the added reassurance of a warranty, so that if anything isn’t quite right, you can have it all sorted out without having to deal with it and pay for the works yourself.


A new home is cheaper to run


Houses these days are built with energy efficiency in mind. There are many advanced building techniques used nowadays that just weren’t around in the past. From modern insulation, to triple glazed windows and even solar panels to give you free electricity from the sun, it’s far cheaper to heat a modern newly built home that an old draughty one.


You know the history of your new home

When you buy an older home, you have no real way of knowing quite what has been done to it in the past and how. A simple job of re-laying a path or adding in a plug socket could unearth a wide range of problems, especially if a previous owner tried their hand at DIY.


There’s something really special about buying new

inner special about buying a new home

As with anything, it’s always wonderful to buy new. Whether it’s a television set or a car, you’ll love whatever you buy, but when you buy new, you have that special feeling of newness. No one else has ever owned this except for you. This concept is never more prevalent than when you choose and buy a brand new property. You’ve got a blank canvas that you can put your own unique stamp on, and every last detail of the house is all pristine sparkling new!


All these benefits and more

These are just some of the benefits of owning a newly built home. Have we sparked your interest? We have a wide range of new home projects underway right now, to find out more and discover the new home of your own dreams, visit our website.

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