The general consensus is that this year’s tourism season is very different to those of previous years, as the Covid-19 pandemic and enforcement of stricter health and protection measures have completely changed the state of affairs when it comes to movement and travel. In light of these developments, citizens are seeking destinations that guarantee quality, safety and excellent sanitary conditions.

At the same time, by upholding its comparative advantages, Cyprus continues to be an attractive and safe holiday destination, for locals as well as foreigners. The Mediterranean environment, modern tourism infrastructure and mesmerising beaches, along with the green and cool forests, clear sky and sunshine, are just a few of the island’s features that make it an ideal destination for rest and relaxation.

With this in mind, and considering the need to keep to strict health and social distancing rules, the option of purchasing a holiday home, instead of renting, seems all the more appealing. The affordable prices, quality and comforts all make up an attractive investment product, which also has long-term advantages. What’s more, there have been many cases where people initially purchased a holiday home just for their summer vacations, but then a few years later it became their permanent residence and a place to host friends and family over the summer months. At the same time, there are many cases where the holiday homes were used to bring in added income.

But what should someone interested in purchasing a holiday home look out for?


A holiday home is about being relaxed and care-free. Therefore, when choosing a location, it must inspire feelings of peace and restfulness. Other factors must also be considered, such as the local transport network, distance from the nearest services (i.e. Banks, Health Centres) and entertainment venues (cafeterias, bars, restaurants, etc.). Another selection criterion, although not a determining factor, is the view from the home. Last but not least, there is always that eternal question: mountain or sea? This is up to each person individually, seeing that Cyprus is a very small island and has an exceptional road network that makes it easy to move from one place to another with ease and speed, without facing any trouble. As would be expected, the long coastline along with the extremely beautiful beaches and ongoing development of surrounding support infrastructure, give beachfront holiday homes the lead; though the island has enough options to please both camps.

1 1Investment – cost

The cost of the investment is determined by a balance between many and different factors, while it is worth noting that Cyprus’ radical and ongoing development in recent years has produced quality holiday home options to meet the entire range of financial capabilities. The type of holiday home, meaning if it is an apartment or house, plays a very basic role in the cost of the investment. There are other important criteria when it comes to additional features, such as private pools, gardens, exteriors or roof gardens. There is also the potential of running a “mixed-use” holiday home; namely, its owner opts to rent the home out to local and foreign tourists, so that the property brings in a significant income long-term. In any case, the combination of cost and quality is extremely important when choosing a holiday home, both for the owner who will make the purchase, and the local or foreign tourist who chooses it for their vacation. Finally, the relation between price and surface area is directly linked, as the land is also included when purchasing a home.



The amount of comfort a holiday home has to offer is vitally important. The layout of indoor and outdoor spaces is very important, as is the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Furthermore, even though featuring a private pool is linked with the purchase price, it offers many advantages, as it guarantees comfortable and private moments. And what with rapid technological advancement, the provisions for smart appliances can provide added comforts and should be considered a given.


Quality of materials – Energy efficiency

The use of technologically advanced materials in the modern construction industry undoubtedly guarantees the best possible energy efficiency, but also a building’s longevity. At the same time, the use of good quality materials automatically means more economical and consistent monthly expenses, while it also provides more security and comfort to the owners. Especially when it comes to purchasing a holiday home in a coastal area, the construction materials should be of such quality that makes the building resilient to any particularities of the region, such as humidity, sea salt aerosols and so on. Meanwhile, the fact that a “smart” holiday home, which meets all the criteria for a comfortable and restful stay, could also become a permanent residence, cannot be overlooked.


Character – Architectural design:

The aesthetics of the architectural design, the indoor and outdoor layout, but also the final form of the holiday home are without doubt among the key characteristics that will make the home stand out. For Cyprus and its geographical features, its approach of “marrying” modern architectural lines with the Mediterranean environment is perhaps the best combination of architectural creation.

With all the above in mind and combining quality, aesthetic excellence and innovation, the Giovani Group offers attractive options for both a holiday as well as permanent home. The Group’s houses and apartments stand out, as their modern architectural lines and elegant aesthetics offer a touch of quality, finesse and beauty. It is worth noting that the majority of the Group’s developments are located close to the free Famagusta area’s most popular beaches and a multitude of services, such as restaurants, supermarkets and cafeterias. For more information: