inner Why would you choose to buy a newly built property in Cyprus

So you’ve decided to buy a property in Cyprus. The wonderful weather, the golden sand beaches, the peaceful way of life have all encouraged you to take that step and purchase a home in Cyprus. No longer will you be limited to a week in a hotel, you’ll have your own Cyprus home where you can spend all year round enjoying the delights that Cyprus has to offer. So now the fun part starts, choosing your new home in Cyprus.

One of the most important decisions you need to make is whether to buy a brand new home or not. The Giovani Group know that a new home comes with a huge range of benefits that you won’t get if you buy an older home. When you buy a property in one of the Giovani Group projects, you know the provenance of your new home. All our properties are built to the very highest standards and everything is brand new. Buy an older home and you just don’t have this reassurance, nor can you be sure that there haven’t been any repairs or alterations made that weren’t completed with due care and attention to safety or regulations. But that’s just one of the reasons why we recommend new homes. Read on to discover even more…


Your home, your way

When you buy a new Giovani home, you’ll be able to make a lot of choices. Your home can literally be built the way you want it. From the smaller details such as the style of the kitchen and the interior décor, to larger additions such as a swimming pool or the type of heating you would like. Making these changes to a property when they already exist is much more costly, time consuming and inconvenient.


Your new home will be energy efficient

New homes tend to be way more energy efficient than older buildings. With modern building techniques and materials, your new home will be warm in winter, cool in summer and with new insulation, doors and windows you’ll make some good savings on your bills when you buy a new home.


Low maintenance and less repairs

When you buy a new property, you know everything about it is absolutely brand new. Your new home will be built with lower maintenance in mind, so your free time can be spent enjoying your new home, not fixing it!


Built for a modern world

inner modern world


Properties are built for a particular era, but as times change, so do our requirements for our homes. Choose a newly built home and it will be full of the latest technologies and time and labour saving gadgets. Your home will be specifically created for the needs of modern living with plenty of outdoor space for vehicles, large closets, and a wide range of electrical sockets and charging points that are so essential these days but are lacking in older properties.

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Peace of mind with a warranty

A new build home from the Giovani Group will be built using the best materials, by a team of highly skilled workers. It’s not likely anything will need repairing, but with a warranty, you have the reassurance that if anything does need fixing, it will be done for you, for free. A house move can be a little costly so it’s nice to know you won’t have any unexpected repair bills to pay while you’re settling into your new home.


Find your dream new home today

Check out the Giovani Group website to see all the properties that are available or coming up soon. With so many luxury properties to choose from, you can enjoy browsing all your options and finding the new home of your dreams.

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