Potamos (River) Liopetriou

Potamos Liopetri River is a charming enclave located just beyond the western edge of Ayia Napa in Cyprus. This serene and picturesque area is known for its idyllic scenery and tranquil ambiance. Although it is currently under development and being upgraded, it remains a peaceful spot.


The river is home to a mix of traditional and modern fishing vessels, and the fishing practices here have remained largely unchanged for decades. Visitors can explore the small sandy and rocky beach, which adds to the area’s charm. Additionally, there are two excellent fish restaurants where you can savor fresh seafood.

In springtime, the surrounding countryside bursts with wildflowers, creating a delightful contrast to the bustling center of Ayia Napa, which is just a few miles away. If you’re in Ayia Napa, I recommend taking an hour to visit this sleepy backwater and appreciate its natural beauty. 

 After more than two decades of efforts, the regeneration of the Liopetri River is finally taking shape.The Project Contract for the “Formation of the Fishery Shelter and the River in Liopetri (Phase A)” has been signed.The project aims to create a modern and organized fishing shelter that provides facilities for fishermen and ensures safety for users and boats. The total cost of this ambitious project is €8,117,000.00 (plus VAT) and is co-financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and national resources from the Republic of Cyprus. The project duration is 30 months from the start date.It includes the configuration of the Fishery Shelter and the River in the community of Liopetri, with a strong environmental character.The study was selected through an Architectural Competition and assigned to the Designers Ieridis and Michael Architects, who won the First Prize.

  • The project focuses on three essential axes:
  • Smooth operation of the Fishery Shelter
  • Protection and promotion of the natural environment of the river area
  • Creation of an important attraction for visitors


  • Specific features of the project include:
  • Fishing Shelter Facilities
  • Bridge connecting the east and west banks of the river
  • Fisheries Training Center
  • Multifunctional space
  • Entrance stand
  • Pedestrian and bicycle path


 In summary, the Potamos Liopetri River’s transformation promises economic growth, improved facilities, and enhanced natural beauty, making it an attractive prospect for investors and visitors alike.