huge investment in cyprus from chinese group jim chang global inner

Jimchang Group found The Giovani Group and discovered the wonders of Cyprus, and so a partnership was formed. Jim Chang Global Group are investing 50 million euros to fund the building of a spectacular hotel, with construction being undertaken by the Giovani Group. The hotel will be named Sun City Hotel and it will be a luxurious, high end super 5 star hotel.

Located on Ayia Thekla beach, near the Ayia Napa marina, it is bound to draw a lot of extra attention, and visitors to the area. The hotel will have 250 luxury rooms, as well as all the other facilities you would expect of a 5 star hotel such as pools, bars and restaurants, and a spa. Interestingly, there will also be some residential properties at the Sun City, with 31 luxury apartments, and 10 luxury detached villas on the water. It sounds like a pretty amazing place to live for those who can afford to do so! Not only will this venture bring more tourists and business to the area, but it will also be a great source of employment.

The construction work brings with it lots of opportunities for work for people in the area, and once the hotel is up and running, it is thought that there will be around 140 permanent jobs available within the hotel. Additionally, the group have promised that they will employ local people from the Sotira area in all of these positions. It will certainly be a great boost for the local economy.

The resort will hopefully be open by this summer, if you’re thinking of paying it a visit and being one of the first guests to take in this amazing experience. It’s pretty much guaranteed to be an aweinspiring place to stay.

The Jimchang Group chose Cyprus as a great place for investment because they immediately saw Cyprus as a charming and beautiful country that already attracts many Chinese and Western visitors. Cyprus already has everything that a holiday destination needs. Amazing scenery, great weather, perfect beaches and a wonderful, friendly atmosphere, everywhere you go. The investment will initially be in the region of 100 million euros, for the Sun City Hotel, but that won’t be the end of the investment.

100 million euros sun city

The long term plan is to invest further in the area over the following two years at least. Their intention is to set up a centre to attract more investors into the area. Already the Jimchang Group are touring other countries looking for further investors into their projects. From here they hope to expand into other European countries, one by one, but their efforts will be concentrated on making their Cyprus ventures a success first.

The group have been spreading the word in their home country of China, promoting the island of Cyprus, and they have pledged to ensure that more and more Chinese tourists visit over the coming years. The project has been well received in the local area, so much so that the two directors Tommy Chen and Vicki Zheng have been given the key to the city of Sotira by the Mayor.

The Jimchang Global Group is certainly one to keep an eye on, there could certainly be more big investment coming to Cyprus in the future.