Nowadays, real estate blogs and websites have turned terms like “elegance” and “luxury” into hurray words, in a desperate effort to impress readers and grab some attention. Still, there is true elegance and luxury out there – we just need to know what these two words really mean, and then, as soon as we see something truly worthy of them, we will surely recognise it.

Now, let’s see, elegance: refined grace or dignified propriety, the tasteful richness of design, dignified gracefulness. What about luxury? It denotes abundance, comfort, sumptuousness, anything adding to pleasure and satisfaction.

Now, we are ready indeed to see 6 reasons Cosmo Residences are considered a hymn to elegance and luxury!


1. Prime Location

Is there any better token of elegance than nature’s wonders? And, unless you already know, Paralimni is largely favoured, both in terms of physical beauty and location.

Designated as the “hub of the East Coast,” Paralimni boasts an array of shops, banks, offices, boutiques and restaurants, and Cosmo Residences is right in the heart of it, offering ease of life to its fortunate residents. Amazing shores and beaches and the cosmopolitan resorts of Protaras, Ayia Napa and Kapparis, lie close to the residences, and Larnaca’s international airport is no more than 35 minutes’ away.


2. Space


Encompassing 86 spacious one- and two-bedroom apartments, the Cosmo Residences evangelises a rare blend of ample space and incomparable style. A mere glance at the adjoining photos of the bedrooms, kitchen, and living rooms suffices to sense that comfort has been our priority from day one.

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3. Top-Rate Construction Materials

From floor to ceilings, from tiles to paints and marble to lightings, Cosmo Residences is constructed exclusively from top-rate materials. High quality, in any given form, breathes an innate elegance and luxury that can neither be replaced nor replicated. A glimpse inside will convince you.


4. Outstanding Outdoor Spaces

Large terraces, landscaped gardens, ample spaces designed for relaxation and large pools paint the main picture of the area surrounding the apartments. Designed to please the eye and rest the body, they blend into an epitome of what luxury and elegance stand for.  


5. Lavish Interiors

lavish interiors

Moving inside, one cannot fail to notice the fairness of the colours, the flawless finishes, the exquisite lines and design, as well as the opulence of the bedrooms and living rooms.

Still, the best thing about them is the bonus bullet…


6. The Opportunity to Give the Finishing Touch

We have always believed the house to be an extension of the owner’s soul. Finishing it all by ourselves would be a gross violation of our values. We have designed it and built it, but you will house under its roof your life and dreams, the memories of a lifetime.

So, you should have a chance to give the finishing touch – and you will! Besides, what is elegant, at least to some extent, should be determined by your taste and criteria, shouldn’t it be?

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Being so unique in all aspects, this exclusive residential marvel finds no difficulty in winning hearts and minds. Learn more about how to share in its dream by clicking here!