a paradise of culture 5 reasons why paralimni inner

When you think of Cyprus, what comes to mind? Sea, beaches, sunshine and delicious food? While these are all wonderful reasons to visit the island, there is also so much more on offer if you look a little closer. Cyprus, and particularly Paralimni are packed full of sites of historical interest. A visit to Paralimni is fascinating and educational, ideal for all the family. 

A closer look at some of the cultural and historical highlights of Paralimni and the surrounding areas…


The Traditional Cypriot House

Paralimni Old Town is a wonderful place to explore, and at the centre of the town you’ll find the intriguing Traditional Cypriot House where you can discover the traditional Cypriot way of life. The house was restored in 2010 and now serves as a unique glimpse into the past. Both inside and out you’ll see artefacts of a traditional way of life. From household items and tools to a dray cart and plough.


The Agioi Saranta

The perfect escape from the midday sun, the Agioi Saranta is an underground cave chapel located near to Protaras. An oasis of peace and tranquillity.


The Prophet Elias Church

the prophet elias church

Just a short trip out of Paralimni will bring you to beautiful Protaras. On a hill in central Protaras you’ll discover a 14th century church that was once home to Prophet Elias. It can be a rather challenging climb up the many stairs to the church, but this stunning church and the wonderful views make it well worth the effort.


St Nicholas Church

No visit to Cyprus is complete without a trip to the harbour at Protaras. Soak up those gorgeous sea views but also make sure you visit St Nicholas Church which is built right on the harbour, where it also doubles as a lighthouse for local fishermen. This is a working church with regular services.


The Churches of Paralimni square

the churches of paralimni square

Visit the square in Paralimni and you’ll find three fascinating churches, each one is very different so do take time to take a look at all three. One of the churches dates back to the Ottoman occupation, there’s a modern church that was completed in 1965, but perhaps the most interesting is the Church of Saint Mary. Built in the 13th century, this church delights anyone who steps inside with a wealth of paintings and porcelain dishes built into the walls.


Paralimni has so much more to offer

The great thing about the Paralimni area is that there really is something for everyone. Everyone will enjoy the year round sunshine, the amazing Cyprus sunsets and spending time on the beach but there’s also plenty more to see and do! There are some wonderful parks and trails to explore, so many fantastic restaurants at which to sample the local cuisine, water sports for the more adventurous and relaxing spas for those who prefer to take it easier.

If you’d like to find out more about bringing the history of Cyprus to life on your next visit to Paralimni, please check out our website to learn more.