The Grinch isn’t our biggest fan, especially at this time of year. Why? Well it’s because we help people to have a really wonderful Christmas, and The Grinch really isn’t happy about that! That naughty Grinch would love to get rid of Christmas and that includes five of our best projects that are truly magical at this time of year. Projects that are full of good festive cheer and happiness. The Grinch doesn’t like people to be happy and festive cheer makes him feel rather ill!

The Grinch particularly doesn’t like the following five Giovani Projects


Panorama Residences

panorama residences

The Grinch really doesn’t like the Panorama Residences, the spacious villas are just perfect for a family to spend time together in luxury, with plenty of privacy and enjoy each other’s company over Christmas. With a large private pool, everyone is sure to be in good spirits over the festive season and that pesky Grinch just hates people to be so happy, especially when they’re enjoying the sunshine!

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Levanda Hills

levanda hills

What The Grinch particularly hates about Levanda Hills is how close it is to some great places to experience a fun festive evening out. Vibrant nightclubs, cosy bars and restaurants with amazing views make it just too easy for people to have a whole lot of fun. People having fun makes the Grinch rather annoyed! With a regular bus service, visitors to Levanda Hills can even enjoy an alcoholic beverage with their Christmas meal.

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Jasmine Luxury Villas

jasmine luxury villas

If there’s one thing The Grinch hates almost as much as Christmas, it’s happy families and the Jasmine Luxury Villas are just perfect for big happy families to spend time celebrating together. With three double bedrooms, everyone gets their privacy, so The Grinch knows there’ll be no Christmas arguments this year which he thinks is a real shame.

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Semeli Villas

semeli villas

The Grinch took one look at the comfortable, yet luxurious interiors of the Semeli Villas and he could totally picture them bedecked with Christmas decorations. Of course, The Grinch simply despises Christmas decorations. Trees, tinsel, baubles, he hates them all, so that’s why he’d love to steal the Semeli Villas!

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Elite Blu Hillside Residences

elite blu hillside residences

The Elite Blu Hillside Residences are ideal for spending time as a group, making good use of the large outdoor roof terrace with outdoor kitchen area. So much fun, whether you’re spending Christmas with friends or family, you’re bound to have an amazing Christmas to remember. The Grinch doesn’t want anyone to have a memorable Christmas. In fact he doesn’t want anyone to have Christmas at all!

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News just in… we’ve had reports coming in from Levanda Hills of a man luxuriating on a sun lounger with a cocktail. Now of course that’s pretty common around here, but this man is wearing a green furry onesie. Hang on a minute… could it be… yes, I think it is The Grinch himself! Well this explains a lot. It wasn’t that he wanted to get rid of our projects, he simply had a touch of the green-eyed monster and he wanted them all for himself! What he doesn’t realise is that there’s plenty of units for everyone and he’s more than welcome to stay. I think we’ll take him another cocktail and see if we can get him into the Christmas spirit just a little bit!

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