3 Sunset Chapels you Must Visit

Protaras is a fantastic area to spend time in. With the wonderful climate of Cyprus, it can be tempting to spend all your time at the beach, or relaxing by your pool, but Protaras has so much more to offer if you get out and about exploring a little. The chapels of Protaras are certainly well worth a visit. Whether you’re interested in the religious significance of these beautiful little churches, you’re keen on history or architecture or you’re just looking for some pretty spots to take in the scenery, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find the chapels have a certain feeling of tranquillity. Step inside and feel the coolness descend, the perfect escape from the heat of the day.

Cyprus is famous for its chapels, but there’s another thing that the island is well known for, and that’s the amazing sunsets. The sunsets here are like no others you’ve ever seen. Of course you can watch the sunset from your balcony, or while enjoying a meal by the sea front, and we do recommend you do this too, but when you combine a trip to a chapel timed perfectly with a stunning sunset, you’ll have a truly magical experience. Here are three gorgeous chapels that will give you magnificent views of the sunset…


Ayii Anargyri Chapel

You won’t find many buildings within the unspoilt beauty of the Cape Greco National Park, but you will find this pretty whitewashed chapel perched at the top of the cliffs overlooking the ocean. It’s so beautiful, it’s no wonder it’s very popular with couples getting married. The National Park itself has a wealth of trails to follow, so you can spend the day hiking and head to the chapel to watch the sun go down. Close by there are some steps down to a sea cave which is also a fascinating spot to visit.


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Profitis Elias Chapel

You’ll find the Profitis Elias Chapel at the top of 153 steps and it’s well worth the effort climbing them! The views from the top are absolutely breath-taking. When the sun goes down you’ll see the lights of Protaras glittering from miles around. This chapel is gorgeous from the outside, but you really must step inside too and appreciate the captivating frescos that adorn the walls.


Ayios Nikolaos Chapel

Ayios Nikolaos Chapel

Right on the sea front, close to Protaras Harbour, you’ll find Ayios Nicolaos Chapel. This whitewashed chapel with a blue door and blue domed roof looks so beautiful against the backdrop of the ocean and the clear blue sky. You’ll get some stunning photographs here so don’t forget your camera! Located close to the beach, it’s the perfect chapel to visit and combine with a trip to the beach.


Fallen in love with Protaras?

The magic of Protaras is there all year round, as is the sunshine! Imagine being able to enjoy that fabulous sunset every single night. A life lived in Protaras is a life truly lived to its fullest and when you invest in a Giovani Group project, you can live that perfect life in style and luxury. Check out all the projects currently available for investment and make your dream life become a reality.

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